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Building Materials

If you have had cause to replace a ceiling in an Estate property or worse had one fall down you will see that it is lath and plaster construction. Some of the partition walls were also finished this way. The laths are nailed to the ceiling joists, a backing plaster applied which keys into the gaps between the laths and then a finishing coat applied.

Illustrated are some of the colour variations of the tiles used in the fireplaces on the Estate. The green and red are 4.25" x just over 2". The mottled green tile is slightly smaller at 4"x2". Do you know who they were supplied by or are there examples of other colours? If you still have a fireplace with them in situ let us know or send a picture.

Its believed all the kitchen floors were quarry tiled. Is this correct or were other materials used? Do you still have a quarry tile floor we can picture?

This is an original bell board in a Carless Avenue property. The rooms listed are:
Front Door
Dining Room
Drawing Room
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
After the bell has stopped  a disc in the centre of the room sign continues to oscillate so you know which bell has sounded.

Probably now scrapped this is an example of one of the original cast iron baths. Another version was of a more tapered design with the wider end gently sloping.

Some properties were built with folding partition doorways between the front and rear rooms. They also had parquet flooring.

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