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1870 onward

Before the Estate

The first set of pictures is the east end of the Estate taken from somewhere near the bottom of Margaret Grove looking towards the sweeping gradiant which leads up to Park Hill Road.

The line of trees on the open countryside picture is probably close to the line of Moor Pool Avenue and the brook in the foreground the stream leading down to Chad Brook from the Moor Pool.

The goalposts are close or on the land where the first sporting facility was built - the tennis courts so sport on the land already had some history. The ground does not look particulary level for football with the brook acting as a boundary. The second picture shows the first houses built at the bottom of Park Hill Road and behind them is the area the opening sod cutting ceremony took place.

The first house on the right was used as a temporary Harborne Tenants Estate Office and features as a background to a group picture of the local Moor Pool Council committee.

The middle group of houses included a pair which were temporarily linked by internal doorways and used as a community facility.

This is a view down towards the Park Hill Road railway bridge. The photographer is probably standing near the top of Margaret Grove. The trees in the previous picture by the outbuilding have gone perhaps cleared in preparation for building or to open up the field. On the right can be seen houses in Park Hill Road. Which numbers are these?
Not part of the Estate, the view or illustration below is looking towards the Park Hill Rd railway bridge from the opposite direction. On the right is the pathway interrupted by the building of the railway embankment which continues to form the Estates rear boundary. This ran continuously all the way through to the top of Carless Avenue and beyond. The main pathway in the middle is the line of Park Hill Road itself.

This is a view across the pool from close to the pathway entrance from Ravenhurst Road. The small island is there and what will be Park Edge is behind it and the land which rises up North Gate to the top where it meets High Brow.
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