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The Builders Yard

The builders yard off Wentworth Gate was the first acquisition of the Moor Pool Heritage Trust. Due to be auctioned off by Grainger Plc, a last minute offer was accepted by a Grainger Director securing this important asset for the Estate. The builders yard serves 2 main purposes. Firstly the garages provide a key income stream which was going to be necessary to support the Trust. Secondly the potential for the building to be developed as a community facility would provide further opportunities in the future, whether to replace the Moor Pool Hall if it was auctioned as planned or as a supporting facility.

The builders yard was used as the base for Harborne Tenants to carry out repairs and maintenance of the Estates houses. Other property was also owned by Harborne Tenants and this was also maintained from the builders yard.
The building had a workshop, stores and offices. To the front and back where outdoor storage. On the Wentworth Gate side was a delivery bay.

When the decision was made that all repairs would be subcontracted the builders yard was closed leaving tools and materials on the benches.

Planning permission has been received to start the restoration of the storage area on the Square side of the building for the new Allotment Shop and supporting area for the educational allotment.

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