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Moor Pool's Open Spaces and Buildings

The following are a list of the community facilities which make up the Moor Pool Garden Suburb. All except the Estate Office and snooker room are now owned by the Moor Pool Heritage Trust.

Above is a plan of the community facilities the Trust either owns, is being transferred free of charge by Banner Homes. Banner Homes also agreed to make available the balance of the £50,000 set aside for allotment restoration as part of the planning application proposal to Birmingham City Council which resulted in the loss of many allotments in the Garden Suburb.


Success! The Moor Pool Heritage Trust (MPHT) are pleased to announce that after several years of promoting its ambition to secure the Moor Pool community facilities, the acquisition has been completed.

The nature of the assets which make up the transfer are unique, comprising pathways, green space, sporting facilities, shops, residential accommodation and the Moor Pool community Hall.

MPHT continues to fundraise and following acquisition will be actively putting in place a programme of enhancing the Moor Pool Hall and expanding usage of the facilities.

The MPHT would like to reiterate its sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who have striven to save and secure the historic Moor Pool Garden Suburb, firstly campaigning to retain the community facilities and open spaces and then giving their backing to the Moor Pool Residents Association in setting up the charitable Trust to own, conserve and enhance the facilities. That was the foundation which paved the way for the tremendous generosity of donors, grant organisations and lastly the intense efforts of all those volunteers who have contributed so greatly to fundraising over the last few years and particularly the last 12 months.

Thank You

The Trustees: Moor Pool Heritage Trust.

The Trust continues to fundraise to support the restoration work to the Hall and the educational delivery plan. If you can help please visit our fundraising website

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." - Winston Churchill

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