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Moor Pool Heritage Trust 'Moor Pool Memories' drop in event. 
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Welcome to the Moor Pool History website

The Moor Pool Garden Suburb is an almost intact example of the era of town planning and the garden city and suburb development precipitated by Ebenezar Howard. Looking back now it seems a simple story. Nettlefold, a wealthy Unitarian politician with a passion for urban planning, decides to build his own garden suburb. But like so many stories, it is not so simple as that. This website sets out to tell the story of Moor Pool to the present day but also to help our understanding of why it came about in the first place. Some of this is of course speculative, and some of it personal interpretation, whilst most of it is fact. Hopefully the challenges it has faced and the lessons it provides will encourage the reader to think about how current planning is dealt with and what could be done to provide a better urban environment. Moor Pool is a great opportunity for encouraging youngsters to think about an alternative urban environment to what they are perhaps used to. Todays children are after all tomorrows architects, planners, landscape designers, politicians, urban dwellers and community activists who just might after an experience visiting Moor Pool have greater expectation for their own environment or design something a little bit better for society in the future.

Apart from the information resource the website provides we hope to be proactive in encouraging interest and knowledge by organising talks, walks around the Estate and visits to other Garden Suburbs and Cities. It is important that the Estate is preserved and the importance of its many assets including green space, ecology, wildlife and listed buildings are understood, recognised and protected. The information on the website should also provide a reference source for the educational work being carried out by the Moor Pool Heritage Trust and their Educational Officer. By emphasising its history and architectural significance it is also hoped a better understanding of the need to protect its character will ensue.

Rob Sutton.

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