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Moor Pools Allotments

Moor Pools allotments are an intrinsic part of the garden suburb. Despite the planning application by Grainger plc which resulted in the loss of many and reduction in size of others, many still remain although under the ownership of Cala Homes who are permitting them to become overgrown again.

None of the allotments can be seen from public roads. They are an oasis of tranquillity with a superb soil resulting from many years of use (and disuse). They are generally tucked away behind houses in islands of land formed by different roads. In total there are 9 and they vary in size and shape. Plots are mostly irregular in shape depending on their particular boundary. This can be seen on the Estate plan At some point it is hoped that now Cala Homes have honoured their agreement to transfer the allotments to the Moor Pool Heritage Trust, the process of getting all the allotments back into use can begin as well as making sure they are used properly and restored in a manner sypathetic to the ideals of the garden suburb. Banner Homes owned by Cala also agreed to make available the balance of the restoration funds and this can be used to complete some of the works beyond the capability of allotment tenants.

Allotment rules have been drafted which take into account established practice and guidance of Birminghams allotments but also the NSALG (National Society Allotment growers) and importantly the conservation requirements of the Estate.

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