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Moor Pool Skittle Alley

The skittle alley is located under the Moor Pool Hall. Access is via the lower hall.

Originally the alley had windows which faced onto a bank leading up to the circle pavement. In or around 1977 when major works were undertaken to the circle including new steps down to the circle and walled perimeter to new hard surface tennis courts the windows were bricked up and the ground filled in up to the side of the hall. This is now the cause of persistent damp in the skittle alley and the stairwell. Plans were put forward to open up the bank, reinstate the windows and provide a separate access to the alley which would not only avoid the need to traverse steps but also provide broader access.

In the pictures facing the pins on the left is the flat alley and on the right the crowned alley.

As far as is known, this is the only alley in the UK with a flat and a crowned one side by side.

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The skittle alley was under threat of closure because the existing emergency exit consisted of a hatch with a steep drop the other side which members were expected to exit by. The Moor Pool Heritage Trust working with conservation officers and at some expense have installed a far more practical solution comprising a proper fire door and steps.
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