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The Moor Pool Hall

The drawing below is the original Hall looking from the current tennis courts side. It originally had a verandah balcony which would have overlooked the centre of the Circle. At some point this was closed in to create the current main halls ante room or currently known as the Blue Room. On the right hand side there is a shorter balcony. This partly explains why there is not a proper wall under the window in this room merely a timber covering. Was this once open being perhaps a covered balcony?

In recent years there have been problems with damp mostly caused by the fact that covering in the verandah necessitated a flat roof area above. The Trust have taken swift action to resolve this problem now that the building is in community ownership by properly repairing the roof and resolving it properly as befits a listed building.

The picture below the drawing shows the Estate Office but also on the right, the Hall with Verandah. The picture must be quite early on as the tree in the foreground still has a support stake and the paths are gravel. Notice the tiering behind the fence.

Early view of the rear of the hall complete with balcony and access door. The door off the balcony on the left is the current entrance to the kitchen. When the balcony was closed in a flat roof was created behind the pitched roof which has been the cause of recurring problemsfor many years. Recently the new owners of the hall, the Moor Pool Heritage Trust a charity have carried out the remedial work work that had been long overdue and beyond the interest of the previous owners.
This is the current rear view of the Hall.
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