The Moor Pool - Moor Pool History

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The Moor Pool

The Moor Pool is an original feature and not an artificial pool. Ravenhurst Road which runs next to it and exceptionally wide by the standard 16' width of the Estate was a lane predating the building of the Estate. At some point the pool was drained and a concrete base installed. Considering the drop on the Winterbourne Lane side of Ravenhurst Road the pool may have been lower originally and the road raised so that there was not such a dip.
Its said that the washerwomen of Harborne came to the pool to wash clothes.

The pool is fed by a culverted underground stream which principally runs down Carless Avenue. When the Circle was built the stream was diverted around or across it at some point. The route is uncertain. Small underground streams which are prevalent on the Estate feed this tributory into the Moor Pool.
Near the Ravenhurst Road bench is the outlet and its here the water level is controlled. The outlet feeds into another culvert which runs down the centre of the valley along the line of Winterbourne Lane past the white cottages and through the community garden where it is open again. It then runs under Margaret Grove into the allotments where it joins the Chad Brook. Originally the stream was open where it ran through the Valley with allotments either side.
There was an occasion when the valley was still garages and the stream thinly covered over that torrential rain cause the culvert to burst with fountains of water the amount coming down from the pool being so great.

The pool is home to the Moor Pool fishing club and there are a number of pegs around the perimeter of the pool. Carp are the principal fish caught.
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