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The Willow Planting Corner of Margaret Grove

The pictures are of the planting of the Willow tree at the bottom of Margaret Grove in c1964. The tree remains of course although a lot bigger than the specimen that was planted then.

In the picture is Pauline Robinson who lived on the Valley side of Margaret Grove at the top. She was the friend of Tina Elvins (Hackett) who was 12 at the time and is also in the picture.

The following was kindly provided by Tina Hackett a former resident of Moor Pool and whose parents lived on the Estate. The badge pictured is the one belonging to her sister.

This was about 1964 – I was there with my mother, Marie Elvins and sister, Josephine. It was organised by the City of Birmingham Tree Lover’s League. I think set up to plant more trees and get children more interested in nature, benefits of green areas etc. We all got a lovely little badge – silver coloured with a broad leaf tree in the centre – sadly I’ve no idea what happened to mine though my sister still has hers. There was a great ceremony of planting the tree with people encouraged to throw in a spade full of soil and a speech about the importance of trees. I think we all ended up in someone’s back garden for biscuits and hot chocolate – probably the Worsey household. Sadly, the tree died fairly soon after being planted and was quietly replaced by council workers, who clearly did a much better job because it’s still going strong!

In the two photos on the Moorpool web site I can identify my friend Pauline Robinson who lived in Moorpool Avenue – she is in the centre of the second photo, looking directly at the camera. In the first of the photos I’m pretty certain that the lady in the pale coat with a spade, just visible behind the tree is my mother and standing beside her with a white hat, is my sister. It’s possible that the older girl standing behind the little girl is me – but I’m not at all certain! At the time, we lived in Wentworth Gate.

Tina Hackett

Do you know of any of the other people who were there?

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